Thursday, December 6, 2012

December again!

I love the above photo so much!!! Please ignore my fatty face!!!!! XD

Finally I'm back to my bloggie. Miss here so muchhhh.. :D

Hohoho~~~ It is December! I know December is the favorite month of everyone! Is it? I love snowie.. Hehe.. How good if I born in the western country, I can enjoy the winter! Never mind! In the future, i will earn a lot of money and go to travel during winter. Hmmm... Damn nice the feeling!!!(sendiri imagine, sendiri syok..)

December is a busy month for me. Sad case. I thought I can relax it. Hmmmm... All because of the Nasional Service la! If  I do not get it, i won't be so busy right now. !@#$%^ Ya, I get the first batch and I decide to go for it. I know many girls dislike it. No harm actually, I just will transform into a BLACK BEAUTY after back from the camp. It's fine for me. I can be man abit. Lolzzz....

Recently I'm busy with my driving license stuff. Headache!!!! Arghhhh!!!!! I will try to settle my undang-undang computer test and to take my license L in this month. I hope that I can do it! Pray hard for me please... ><

Oh ya! I will go to Taiwan for holiday on 20 Dec until 24 Dec. Woohooo!!! Excited. Shopping shopping!!! I have to thank my mummy. She paid the air ticket and the pocket money for me d. Hehe. Hmmm.. I still headache with my clothes. I don't know what to wear to Taiwan. The Taiwan girls are so pretty!!! My cousin calls me to search some info about the latest fashion in Taiwan. Haha!!! Hmm.. good idea!!!! XD 

This year Christmas I still don't have any plan yet? Anyone can give some suggestions? Hmmm.. That time I still in KL. Party? no no.. my friends all in Kulim. Just let it aside first. Not important! My Taiwan trip is the most important. Gonna search some fashion info first. See you! :D

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