Monday, December 31, 2012

Last post in 2012

Firstly I want to thank God that I'm still alive. It's not the end of the world in 2012. Happy!!! So how is my life in 2012? Hmmm.. It was a busy life for me. I think most of the time in 2012 I'm busy with my study. What to do? SPM mar.. XD And now I'm free! I have graduated!

For me I think this year is the most unhappy year. I use to cry in this year. The first one is about my study, it give me a lot of stress! When someone feels stress, they will get mad. Ya, I'm the one. When I can't stand for it anymore I will cry. I'm facing so much of stress this year. My mom has high demand on me. That make me feel stress. I hope that I really can get good result in SPM, please God. I already do my best. *Pray hard*

Next is about relationship. I fall for 2 guys in this year but not at the same time. The first one is older than me 8 years. I know that we are impossible to be together. But his caring attract me! He is a nice guy I know that, he always tell me about his dream. But lastly, I find out he already has a gf. I don't directly ask him. His gf message me in twitter first. She's not want to scold me. We start our simple conversation first then only I ask her about XXX. She admits that XXX is her bf. Honestly, at the moment my heart is breaking but I still act like cool, fine. Then she scolds me. She tells me about XXX. XXX is a flirt. He uses to flirt with many girls at the same time. And I'm the one of them. Fine. But I'm so proud of his gf still can act like nothing. She tells me she already biasa. It's not a matter for her. She loves him. She can  ignore what he does to her. After I know truth I don't find the guy anymore. Day by day I start to forget him.

At the time I feel sad when I know I get cheated. A guy comes into my life. Ya, he brights up me. But just for the 3 three months. I fall for him. And I know in the end we will not get together. So when he stops texting me I also stop text him. And now.. we are stranger again.. Whatever, I don't care. In every relationship I have learnt different lessons. So I know how to handle it when myself get forgotten by my loved one. 

Follow by friendship, I feel that I have lost my friends this year. This is because I just focus on my study and neglect them. My fault again. Haiz.. but it's okay. We do not need many friends, but we need true friends who really care about us. Yes, I have! I have two of them already enough. Thanks God.

Live in this world with no regret. If the things I not yet done in 2012, I will done in 2013. For me, 2013 is another stage in my life. I have to step into the society. I will meet with different kind of people. Sure I will face many hardship but I'm ready for it. It's time for me to grow up.

Happy New Year 2013!!!!

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