Friday, January 4, 2013

Gonna accept the challenge!

Mission is ready. Tomorrow I gonna accept the challenge. The very first time I leave my home for 3 months. But during CNY I will come back la. I think I have 5 days holidays for it. Honestly, I have 2 feeling on this mission. The first one, I don't feel like want to go because I don't want to be a 'Dark beauty'. Some more I gonna miss my home, my friends here and my bed!!! The most important I cannot online! That's really killing me. I really can't imagine my life without internet. I don't know the latest news in internet. Feel like later I come back will like a donkey, don't know the latest news. Suckss!!!! The other feeling is, I feel like want to go cause it is fun! The activities are full of challenge! Some more I can know new friends there. I can learn how to be independent. I'm sure when I come back I will be more mature than now. Hmm.. lastly, i choose to think positively.  Nasional service actually no harm if  I go. So why not I try it? Give myself a chance. 

Anyway, I will take care of myself there. No worries. It's time for me to be independent. God, when I'm not at home, please popi my parents. I want them always be healthy. *Pray hard*

I will miss my friends very much! Xien and Min. Both of them are my best friends, I gonna miss them a lot. I will miss my home and korkor. 

One thing I gonna let you all know is I will deactivate my Facebook account when I go to NS. So you all can't view my profile for temporarily. I think nobody will find me ba. If anything wanna tell me can message me. I will bring my phone to the camp, I think only weekend can use it. 

Hmmm... I think that's all. See you all! I will be back during CNY! Take care ya everyone! Byebye!

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