Thursday, February 14, 2013


I have been so long never get into a relationship.
Every time when I'm ready for a new relationship, I will start confusing.
Is it the time now to fall in love?
Can he be my last lover?
How if I can't be a good girlfriend?
There are so much of question spinning in my brain.

I just want a long lasting relationship.
I don't like break up.
So I'm not rush in that actually.
I know it takes time.

But single makes me feel empty.
When I cry in the night, I wish there will be someone with me.
When I'm having problem, I wish there will be someone help me to solve it.
I know I'm looking strong enough facing the problem by myself, but deep inside, I'm weak.
I never show people my weakness.

I also less share my problem with other.
Unless you're my close friend.

Hmmm... it sounds sad! Hey cheer up! Today is valentine's day!
Don't miss out the chance to propose with your loved one.
Good luck boys and girls. :)

Happy Valentine! 

So will you be my valentine? :)

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