Friday, March 29, 2013

First meet with Mr. Jiong Jiong

It is a beautiful Friday. Hmm.. is it? For me it is! Why I say so? This is because today I have a date with Mr. Jiong Jiong. I know him since last year June if not mistaken. But we never meet. And finally we meet today! This is our first meet and date. Don't think a side please. We are just friend. That's all. :) Actually he just comes back from Singapore today. So I think our date is kind of rush for him. Haha~ After he reaches home, he takes his bath and comes to fetch me. 

He reaches my home at sharp 3pm. Alright. He is quite sweet. He opens the car's door for me. Gentleman! Girls mark him down. Hehe! Okay, he is my driver today. Let's start our date. We already discuss where to go before. Hehe. Yea, is PENANG! But on the way to Penang, he gets to go to the JPJ office to help his friend renew his license. Alright, the weather outside there is burning my skin. So I decide to stay in his car, I don't want to get down. Hehe! He is so nice, he knows I don't sign up for the data plan and if I want to online need to connect with wifi. He share his line for me, but still cannot connect. So he leaves his handset let me online because renew license may takes some time. He scares I wait too long and will get bored in the car. Haha! He leaves his phone for me and he goes to renew the license. Ofcuz I don't use it. I play the game in my phone while waiting for him. Besides, I also play self capture. Teehee... Let's see the photo. :)

My hair like octopus leg XD
Haha XD

Settle d. We are heading to Penang. Woohoo.. Firstly in his car, we chat and chat. But later on no topic to chat and become silent. I hate the moment when there is nothing to chat. It make me feel 尴尬... But this is our first meet.. Normal la. Hehe! Ermmm... We go to Perangin mall first. On the way we're heading there, he asks me: " Ehh, you don't like to go to Perangin mall is it? I still remember you told me before.'' I'm like hang a while and my heart think :''He remember what I said.." Ya, his marks increase again. (I think this phase only girls will understand, hehe!)

Actually he goes there is to find his friend. His friend works  in a camera shop. He goes there to look for the camera accessories. So we just stay there for a while. After he finish 吹水with his friend, we go to our next station, Queensbay mall. I think because the time we go to QB mall is around ''fong gong'' time, so it's quite jam. Actually I want to take photo with him in the car during the traffic jam. But I shy... I not dare.. So miss out the chance, regret d. :(

Jam ar jam... and finally we reach QB. He ask me again :" Are you hungry?" I said :" Not really." He already asks me few times in his car. I then ask him back why you keep on asking me are you hungry. Ohhhh... Is he hungry. That's why he keeps on asking me. He so cute la.. He can directly tell me wad.. Haiya.. Then we decide to eat first only shopping. We choose to go to I-Dragon to eat. That's my first time I go there. Let's see what we order. XD

The food there quite yummy! I like the 小笼包!Yummy!!! And we eat till quite full. Haha. And I wanna thank him. Mr. Jiong Jiong thank for your treat. :)

After that, we go to shopping. He asks me which shop I want to go and he will follow me. So cute. Haha. Actually I have no idea I want to buy what. But if I see something I really like and the price reasonable only I will buy. I like a blouse so much in the Brands Outlet, I want to buy it so badly! But size M is out of stock! Sad! Sad! Sad! Give up! And a coat  I see in Nichii, damn nice! And the price also quite 'nice'! I'm confusing there want to buy or not. In the end I also don't buy it. Hmm.. I really need some new clothes! I'm going to campus soon. I need the clothes suit for me to attend the lecture. I will grab them soon! Before I go to study, I need to go to shopping!

Before we leaving the mall, we go to the Material shop. It's my suggestion. Hehe. Every time I go to QB sure I will visit this shop. This is because the stuffs there always attracts me. You can click a like on this page.Material物料 and see the photo, the stuffs really very attractive.

I decide to buy a note book there. There have many choices and I don't know how to choose. Then I ask his opinion and he helps me to choose.. Hehe! Actually this note book I want to used it to write down the meaningful sentences. I have a hobby which is collecting the meaningful sentences and write down it. Alright, I have chosen one and I'm going to pay at the cashier. When paying, he says he wants to pay for me, I already tell him no need but he still want to pay for it. Haiz.. Because there got many people, so I also don't want to reject him, if not later on场面尴尬。Anyways, thank a lot Mr. Jiong Jiong.

I really like to hang out with him. I feel like very comfortable when talking with him. Hmmm.. I don't know how to describe that's feeling. It just like we know each other very long and I can talk with him like the way I talk with my close friends. I won't feel that strange feeling on him although this is the first time I meet him. He is a very nice guy and good friend. I like him. Hope we can hang out again. :) 

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