Thursday, March 21, 2013

SPM result :D

Today is a big day for all the candidates of SPM 2012! Yea! Our results are released today. Okay, I just want to straight to the point. I get 8As! 2Bs **clap hands** Well done to myself. I'm satisfied with my result. I get B for my Biology and Mandarin. Hmm.. it's okay. I don't care about these two subject. Just ignore them. 

I'm here wanna congrats to those who get good results. Congratulation! You all have done a good job!

and here is my result :)

After my friends and I taking our result, we go to celebrate! Sushi King! I'm really hungry that time. This is because I don't take my dinner since last night. Then morning I just eat one slice of bread only. After knowing my result, I feel like all nervous has gone! My appetite recover d! Hehe!

Here is some photo with my friends!
The 9As girl!
My best friend. Congratz! :)

Little baby ying. :)
Hmm.. Her result also okay larr..
Congratz :)

After that, they all go back and I don't want to back home so early. So Xien and I plan to watch a movie, 'Jack the Giant Slayer'. Damn nice this movie! For those who not yet watch it, you have to watch it! Don't miss it. When I'm in the cinema enjoying the movie, my mom calls me. =='' I tell her I'm in the cinema, anything wait me go back home only talk. But she still calls me for few times, ask me my friends get how many As. Then the second call she ask me ask my friend wanna follow me go to UTAR study or not. The third call she ask me why I don't get straight As. ><

I know my mom got abit disappointed with my result, sorry. But I already do my best. I love my dad, he is the first one I tell him my result. He congrats me. But my mom... haiz... nevermind, I have already used to it. 

So what's my plan next? Sure is go to further study. UTAR, Kampar! I'm coming soon! I will take my science foundation there. Hehe. I so excited to enter uni's life. At the same time, I'm afraid. I have to start my new life there. I hope that I can make me. God blessed me.

Oh ya! Before I end my post, I wanna thank my BFF, Thiban! Thank you for being my driver sending me go to school to take result. Thanks a lot.

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