Monday, April 15, 2013

I miss you right now.

Sometimes I really don't know what are you thinking about. Who am I for you? Today you can spend half of your time chat with me. But the next day you can whole day no text me. Do you know how I feel? I really very miss you. I miss you every single moment. I not dare to text you, cause I scare I will disturb you to do your thesis. And just now I sent you a text via whatsapp. No reply. After few minutes I checked my phone again, you have read the text but you no reply. My heart feel like crying.

Sometimes I really don't know what kind of relationship we are having. Every time you said I love you to me, is it sincere from your heart? You still remember what you have promised me? You promised that you will come to Kampar find me when I go there study. Some more you said you wanna go for vacation with me. I really wish that it will happen soon. 

Darling please don't treat me like this. No matter how busy you are, just a text will do. Your text just like magic, every time I receive your text I will feel excited and happy. You are the only one will affect my mood. You are my mood's remote control. Darling, I miss you right now. I know you have slept. But I still will send you sweet text so that the next day you wake up you will read it and stay happy whole day. I love you darling.   

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