Saturday, April 13, 2013

Meet up with Dennis Boss

Again I'm here to blog. Today I wanna blog about yesterday date with my new friend, Dennis Boss. I know him in FB but since when I know him I not really sure. Haha. I think very long time I know him. But that time we less to chat. Oh ya, one thing I forget to tell, his birthday is same with me. We are born in the same day and same month but not same year. Very巧is it? That's called fate! Anyways, I glad to meet him. It's very rare to meet someone same birthday with me. Teehee :)

Before the night of our date, he asked me about my house location. Cause he needed to come to my house to fetch me. Then I told him. Then he called me to open the google map and looked for my home. He just wanna make sure which one was my home. Then me, a donkey with stupid brain didn't know how to see the map. Lol... Now only I knew I didn't knew how to see a map. Stupid. Next time if I drove with GPS also die! Sure lost my way. Hahaha. I kept on laughing just because of the map. It made me blur. Hahahahaha XD 

Alright, lets started to blog about the date now. Sharp at 12pm he reached my home, and he, the second guy who open the door car for me. Thanks. Honestly, very rare Asian guy will do this. Agree girls? Asian people don't have this culture. But western country, yes! K, back to topic, we then heading to Sunway Carnival Mall. Before that, showed you all a photo! Asian people love to capture, no matter where they are or before they eat or do something they sure will capture first. And I'm the one of them.

Sweet smile I have!
Liked it so much!

K, now really have to back to the topic d. Hmmm.. on the way going to Sunway Carnival Mall we used o chat and chat. But mostly not I talked, he talked more. I'm the type more to listen. So I'm a good listener. Hehe. Yea, he shared many of his life experiences with me. I didn't shared much mine with him. This was because my life experiences not that interesting. Hehe!  

When we reached the mall, we straight away went to buy the movie ticket first. We already planned that we wanna watch 2 movie in one day. Actually he planned to watch 3 movie. Break the record. Because he also never tried before watched 3 movie in one day, I also didn't try before. But because of all the movie ticket he paid, so I just said watch 2 enough. I didn't want to spend his money so much. I got told him he paid for one movie and I paid for the other one. But he said he wanna treat me. =.= Anyways , thanked for the treat Dennis Boss. :)

After bought the ticket, we went for our lunch. We chose to go to Subway for our lunch. He said that was his first time went there. Hmm.. Okay, first try, not bad. We had our lunch and keep on chatting. Haha~~

Around 1.45pm, we left the Subway and went to the cinema. Our movie was showed at 2pm. Oh.. forget to mention what movie we watch.. We watched 'Oblivion'.

Hmm.. I was blur in this movie, not really understand what was this movie about. Haha. But I still enjoyed it.

After we watched the Oblivion, we took a walk first, cause the next movie showing was at 4.30pm. Olympus Has Fallen. And I treated him drinks for this movie.

This movie supper really nice! I liked this one! But some of the scene in this movie shocked me. Haha. I knew I'm timid. While I was watching this movie, Xien called me. I couldn't answer it then I messaged her. She said Min ajak go to Jusco watched movie. Yea! Sure I wanted to join. Long time didn't meet Xien jor. Miss her super a lot! But before that, I got to ask permission from my Boss can sent me there or not. XD He said no problem wor. Yeah!

After the movie, we went to Jusco. We had our lunch first while waiting for my friends. We went to Black Canyon to have our dinner.

Da lang.. our dinner :)

While having our dinner, I get a call from Xien, she said she was not coming later. Oh no. I was quite disappointed. I thought can meet her. Then never mind la. I didn't go to join with my other friends le. I was not that close with them some more all bring bf go d. No eyes see. Better I spent time with Dennis Boss. Hehe!

The most moment I like to spent with him I think was during the night time when he was on the way sending me home. Maybe night time make me feel more comfortable. Comfortable to chat. Haha. He actually quite nice. But through our conversation, I know he is lonely.(Private, can't tell why.) He needs people to share his problem with him. But he used to face by himself. He is independent and caring. Hmmm.. honestly, he is really nice. 

It was a nice date with him. I enjoyed it. Thanked a lot Dennis Boss. You treated me a lot. Appreciate. :) Next date we go for eat? Haha.. if possible, I wish I can bring along my best friend cause nice food have to share with best friend ma :) Sharing is caring. :)

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