Monday, April 8, 2013

Meet up with my honey.

There had been so long I didn't saw my honey seahorse. I miss her so damn much! So we decided to have a date. It was just a simple dating we had. We just walked around the mall. Then we went to secret recipe to have some cakes. She treated me cake, I treated her drinks. We used to chat more.

These were our cakes :)

Yes, we talked a lot. But what we talked about I couldn't told here. That was our secret! Gossip! Hahaha!XD

Camwhore is a must for us! Let see the photos!!!
Yes, we both have pretty smile!

Act cute pattern!
My pattern fail! Hahaha XD

Hmmm... we were thinking for the next pose XD

Bleak! :P

Our love never end.
We love each other.

Angry look?
I know I'm too cute that's why no matter how I pose it still fail.

My honey seahorse! :)

Big smile :D

This photo is the most I like!

I very sure many people will feel curious why a chinese and an indian will become best friend. I knew her since form3. Our first met was during tuition time. She was the new student in the tuition class, and she came earlier and sat beside me. Then we started to talk. Day by day, we became closer. She used to share her problem with me. And I was her listener. So everytime during tuition class we will always sit together. We just like chewing gum, always stick together. I really miss the moment when we sat together in the Physic tuition class. We used to laugh together, discuss the topic we don't know together. I really miss it....

Hmm.. I'm the type of girl love to know new friends. I won't care about your religion, your skin colour is different with me, pretty, ugly and etc. As long as you have a kind heart wanna be friend with me. I sure willing to accept you.

Honey, dear, sweetheart... Yea.. We used to call each other like this.. And I give her a nickname which is called seahorse. She gives me a nickname too which is called white monkey. Hahaha... So cute^^ I really hope that we can go to further study together. Stay in the same hostel. Live together. So nice!!!! Honey seahorse, you are my best friend and sister forever. I wish our friendship can last forever. I appreciate you. Thanks God let me to know you. I love you honey. Promise me, don't forget me and we have to always  keep in touch. :)  Again, honey seahorse, I love you deep deep. :)

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