Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thank you for existing.

Everyday we will meet different kind of people. And one day, I met him, Thiban. We knew each other in a tuition class when we were form5. And our friendship start there. I don't know since when we become best friend. I really very like to talk to him. He used to call me darling during the tuition class, and many of my friends thought he is my boyfriend. Haha.  He is so cute.

We used to chat when we were free. Last few days, I chatted with him in FB. That time I was really in bad mood. I needed someone to talk. And he had became my listener. Thanked for being my listener and giving me advice. I felt better after talk to you.

And just now, he was in bad mood, and he talked with me about his problem. I just realized we are alike. Haha. I understand how he feel. I also tried to comfort him.

I know some memories are hard to delete. Why not you just let it there? Because the more you wanna forget, the more vivid the memories there. Trust me, those memories will become paler after few years. Time will prove it. :)

Thiban, we gonna move on and fight for our future. Sometimes, we just have to let go the past and don't look back anymore. The more you're looking back, the more you hurt. Life is too short. Don't waste our time on the past. We still have our family and friends. You still have me and I still have you. So be happy and smile everyday! :) Don't torture yourself with sadness. It doesn't worth. Our life should full with color!

And just now he posted a photo on my FB's wall. 'Thank you for existing'. Haha. He is so sweet. I love this friend so damn much. :)  Thiban, I also wanna thank you for existing in my life. :)

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