Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My life suck!

Lastly, they still want me go to the public U. Sigh! I don't want to leave. I want to study in UTAR. I want my uni's life happen there. I thought my dream had came true. But... it was happening for just a while. I really love UTAR! All the way long came back from UTAR, I cried in the car. I knew I won't went back there again. I won't had chance to live there. I won't had chance to be a URARian. I won't had chance to graduate there. I won't had chance to meet so much friends. I won't had chance to jogging in the park. I won't had chance to walk or cycle through the rainbow pathway. 

Why? Why this thing will happen on me? I wish to have a simple and happy uni's life. Is that so difficult? Why my life so suck? Why others' life so wonderful? Why I just can't like them? I don't want be the special one! Can I? 

I don't like government! I hate government! They are bullshit! I hate government uni! I hate it so much! Government changed my life! Government broke my dream! Asshole!!!!

I'm tired with my life. I hate my life! I wish to end my life. I know it's stupid just because a small thing then I feel like wanna die. For me it's not stupid! I rather die than live with regret. But I have no courage to end my life. Sigh... This make me struggle.. Live with regret and unhappy.. But have no courage to end my life...


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