Sunday, August 18, 2013

It's for you, Sis!

I know I should not blog at this time because I'm lacking of time to study for my test. I'm, having 3 test for the coming Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. But I still want to spend some time to blog. Teehee! 

This post is special for my sis. Yea, I love to blog! But I find that mostly my previous posts are  about myself, or about my friends. It's very less about sis! How bad am I! Hahaha! All right, let's start to blog.

Saw the photo above? Yup! The pretty girl beside me is my sis. Last time I seldom take photo with her. So this time when she came back to Malaysia, I try to take photo with her as many as I can as our memories. This is because she comes back to Malaysia once in a year. I have very less chance to meet her. Sad! So at least I have the photos, when I miss her I can look at the photos!

Sis, seriously I super very miss you. You come back to Malaysia for one month but I only can accompany you for one week. One week for me is not enough at all! Last time we use to stick together everyday! Sometimes I wish that we never grow up how good! Teehee! Then I can always with you. Now we all already big girl d, you go to India to study and I go to Perlis. We are far apart! One in Malaysia, one in India. :(

I know you're going back to India on this coming Tuesday, night flight. How bad I can't go and send you again! Sad! Hmmm.. Or think like this... maybe I don't go to send you at airport is good for you... Because I'm sure that you will cry! Wahahaha! Later not pretty d. Of cause I will cry too, just like last year. When you're leaving, 我多么不舍得你走。I just can't stop crying. ( OMG! Feeling like wanna cry now T.T ) 

LOO WEN YUN! You're my best sis ever! Although you always bully and disturb me at home, I still love you. But I don't know why you love to bully my doggie! Always cabut its nose! One day I should use U hu glue stick back its nose, see how you want to cabut my doggie's nose. Neninenippupu!

Sis, will see you next year d! You said you coming back in May next year right? That time I'm having my sem break, so I can spend more time with you d. Teehee! Good luck and take care ya! The most important don't forget to buy things for me! I want clothes! I want scarfs! Thank you! Teehee! I LOVE YOU! <3 p="">

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