Sunday, September 22, 2013

Changed to be mature

I'm still remember that the first day I went for the registration in Unimap. After I have settled all the registration thing, I cried. I told my parents that I didn't want to study in Unimap. I hate it! I begged them to bring me home. In the end, they didn't. After they went back, I cried in the hostel. I felt so helpless. I cut myself, I want to feel some pains. This is the second time I cut myself. Sometimes I will lost control. I'm an emotional person. So the first few months in Unimap, I very quiet. I didn't like to talk to people. 

But now, I have changed my mind. This is because I knew that no matter how stubborn am I, my parents' decision still won't change. So I'm forcing myself to accept it. Yes, I hate Unimap so much! Because of it! My plan is ruined! But what the point I have to treat myself like this? Always gloomy... I don't want forever unhappy. Happy or not? The choice is yours. I choose to be happy. I told myself it's time to be mature. I have to learn to accept that, don't let my parents worry about me. Because they're having financial problem, if not they sure will send me to private uni. I gonna stand at their side think for them.  

At the same time, I'm glad that I'm in Unimap too. Very confusing right? I'm glad because of I have met many good friends here. If I never came here, I have no chance to meet them and we cannot become good friends. They all are very nice. The most important thing is we all are playful! They bring a lot of fun for me. 

From stranger become friend. From friend become good friend. From good friend become family member. We already pass many stages. 2 and half year to go we have to live together, go to class together and go to travel together. Thanks God have given me a chance to meet them in my life.

You will know that the importance of friends when you're staying outside. Our parents are not by our side anymore when we are staying outside and the person will help you is your friends. So we have to behave ourselves and remain a good friendship with our friends.   :)

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